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Equipment for Astute Class Submarine

Mission-critical, rigorous specification, extreme environment

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Key supplier

MacTaggart Scott is a key supplier to BAE SYSTEMS, builder of the Astute Class submarine at Barrow. The Astute Class is the latest class of nuclear-powered fleet submarines (SSNs) in service with the Royal Navy.

MacTaggart Scott supplies a suite of Mast Raising Equipment (MRE), which is mission critical. Each MRE is located in an environment that is normally submerged in sea water and subject to deep dive pressures. Similarly, vent valves, steering actuators, anchor windlass and retractable capstans are subject to the same environment outside the pressure hull.

The inboard hydraulic power units (HPU), supplied by the company, operate all essential hydraulic equipment. Innovative design was implemented to make efficient use of power and reduce the space envelope of the HPU. Rigorous Safety analysis was applied to all components supplied.

Astute is the first Royal Navy submarine to have a full suite of non-hull-penetrating masts. Our team is proud to be part of ensuring that UK boats continue to see and not be seen!


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