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Norway NH90

TRIGON Deck Integration & Acceptance Trials for new helicopter type

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Supply of Ground Support Equipment and Sea Trial Attendance

Ships of the Royal Norwegian Navy and Coast Guard have operated Lynx helicopters and TRIGON since 1980.

When purchased new, the Fridtjof Nansen class vessels were fitted with the latest electronically controlled TRIGON system, initially operating the Super Lynx helicopter. The introduction of the NH90 resulted in new steering arms and axle clamps being purchased from MacTaggart Scott. There then followed a comprehensive flight deck integration and sea acceptance trial.

Trials were also conducted on the Coast Guard Svalbard and NordKapp Class, ensuring cross platform and cross service interoperability.

MacTaggart Scott supported these trials onboard, working with NDLO, the ship crews and several other agencies involved. The successful outcome is a demonstration of the flexibility of TRIGON to handle multiple helicopter types and the operational effectiveness of the system inspiring the confidence of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The Royal Norwegian Navy and Coastguard will continue to benefit from the reliability and ease of operation of TRIGON. MacTaggart Scott will continue to be available to support this customer for many more years.

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