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Arresting Gear

Innovative historical first!

Arresting Gear

MacTaggart Scott has been a design and technical authority for Naval Aviation Handling Systems for over 80 years.  Aircraft Catapults were initially cordite powered, until MacTaggart Scott designed the first steam catapults for the increasing weights of aircraft and higher take off speeds.  Arresting Gear systems, large Aircraft Lifts and shipborne Helicopter Handling systems were all designed as part of this core business.

During the 1940s, it was mutually agreed with the UK Admiralty that MacTaggart Scott would concentrate on supply of Aircraft Arresting Gear systems, handing steam catapult design support to the adjacent Brown Brothers facility (later becoming Rolls Royce).  At this time, the Arresting Gear System design was based on the use of complex and large rope-reeved cylinders. 

The introduction of larger and faster aircraft drove the need for a more advanced Arresting Gear system.  The current Direct Acting (DA) Arresting Gear system developed over the last 20+ years has provided a significant reduction in the number of operators, maintainer hours, and proved to be a highly reliable and effective system in service able to handle a range of modern fast jets.

MacTaggart Scott arrester gear has been fitted to Naval Aircraft Carriers of the navies of UK, Australia, Canada, India, France, Netherlands, Argentina and Brazil. The latest version is a technically advanced Direct Acting which is capable of arresting the latest jet aircraft and unmanned aircraft.