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Motors & Pumps

100 Series Hydraulic Motor

High Torque Low Speed hydraulic motors & Quiet Radial pumps


MacTaggart Scott's engineers are world experts in the design and manufacture of low speed, high torque hydraulic motors for submarine applications.

The design of motor housings to operate in a corrosive environment under high external pressure requires careful modelling and analysis together with the use of our well-established design principles. Add to this our special tuning of drive structures and the optimisation of the internal fluid flow geometry for low casing-borne noise and vibration, and you have the unique solution that makes MacTaggart Scott the world leader in this field.


MacTaggart Scott has supplied the defence industry with solutions for low noise, high reliability operation in aggressive, deep-sea applications both onboard and outside the pressure hull.

The Quiet Radial Piston Pump (QRP) has been developed with low noise and long life during continuous operation at 210 bar with flows of up to 150 litres/min.

The QRP design has been proven to match modern submarine requirements:

  • Low noise and long life
  • Proven reliability
  • A standard plunger module forms the basis of the QRP