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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - Update 12

Further to our last statement on the subject matter, we wish to provide a further update on MacTaggart Scott’s response to the COVID 19 situation, given the increased nationwide withdrawal of lockdown restrictions.

You may be aware that there are no longer travel restrictions within the UK, and indeed, with appropriate certification and evidence of vaccination status, we are now seeing travel to overseas locations becoming possible, albeit with quarantine requirements being applicable in some circumstances.  In short, our  nation has now ‘opened up’ in most respects but still with country to country restrictions dependent on the destination.

Whilst social distancing measures are no longer mandated, good practice of safe spacing is still recommended and being applied throughout the facility, with the wearing of face masks still a formal requirement in Scotland.  Mindful of this, we have been implementing a phased return to work plan for staff, some of whom have been working from home during the height of the pandemic.  We are pleased to say this exercise nears completion and will enable a full return to the offices in the near term.  Our production facility continues to operate to an appropriate capacity, with alternate working patterns and enhanced health and safety requirements in place where appropriate, in order to maintain operation of key defence assets and programmes.

We remain very hopeful that the previous restrictions will remain lifted as COVID cases continue to decrease, but our Board of Directors will continue to review the guidance being provided by our Government to adjust our working practices if the need dictates.

Unless circumstances change, this will be our final update on the situation.

We thank you for your support to our alternate approaches through the pandemic.

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