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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - Update 13


Further to our last statement on COVID-19 issued in early October 2021, we wish to provide a further update on our response to the Omicron variant that has now become a global issue.  This update is issued as a result of the increased nationwide changes to guidelines.

Our workforce have are taking advantage of the UK vaccination programme, with a large proportion double vaccinated, and a number now having received booster inoculations. On this basis, we have been able to maintain appropriate use of social distancing measures throughout the facility, with the wearing of face masks still a formal requirement in the UK.  However, in recent days the Scottish Government have enforced the requirement for office based staff to work from home wherever possible. As such, we have enabled personnel to do so where it is appropriate. Our production facility continues to operate to a suitable capacity, with alternate working patterns and enhanced health and safety requirements in place, in order to maintain operation of key defence assets and programmes.

Whilst we are able to maintain operations as best we can for our personnel, we have had to take measures to limit visitors to our premises, as such any requests for on-site meetings must be pre-approved by our Board of Directors and should be for essential and business critical purposes only.

It remains the same that there are currently no travel restrictions within the UK, and indeed, with appropriate certification and evidence of vaccination status, we have been able to recommence travel to some overseas locations, albeit with quarantine requirements being applicable in some circumstances.  However, this situation is evolving daily and we continue to monitor our ability to travel to be able to provide in-country support to our overseas customers.

Our Board of Directors will continue to review the guidance being provided by our Governments to adjust our working practices further if the need dictates. 

If we foresee any direct impact from this latest worldwide outbreak on any current live projects we will of course provide direct feedback to you.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding to our alternate working practices through the pandemic and wish you all the best for the festive period and new year.


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