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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - Update 14

Further to our last statement on COVID-19 issued in December 2021, we wish to provide a further update on our response to the ongoing pandemic.  This update is issued as a result of the recently reduced and planned removal of nationwide guidelines. 


Throughout the UK social distance measures have either already been eased or lifted, and if not already amended, are planned to be in the coming weeks.  The approach in the UK now being one of ‘living with COVID’, we too have made a full return to the office whilst maintaining suitable safety adjustments, and are now operating at normal working capacity in our production facilities.


With worldwide borders increasingly opening, with less and less restrictions in place with regards to testing and quarantine, we have been able to recommence travel to more overseas locations, and continue to support a number of programmes as a result.


Our Board of Directors will continue to review the guidance being provided by our Governments to adjust our working practices if the need dictates, but we are now hopeful, as we are sure you must be, that the situation will simply continue to improve.


We thank you for your continued support and understanding over the course of the last 2 tumultuous and extraordinary years, and look forward to returning to more ‘normal’ working practices in support of your custom.

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