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Customer Statement

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we wish to provide a further update on MacTaggart Scott’s response to this crisis.

The recent statements from both the UK Government and the Scottish Government are clear in that the single most important action that we can take in fighting the Coronavirus is for people to stay at home in order to protect the UK National Health Service and to help save lives. As you will be aware, the UK has effectively, from late 23rd March 2020, entered a 3 week period of increased social distancing, during which travel to, and from, places of work should only be conducted when work absolutely cannot be done from home.

MacTaggart Scott remains an essential supplier to both UK and Overseas defence partners and as such we recognise that, where feasible, we must maintain our operations as best we can in these troubling times. The nature of our business however makes it impossible for all of our teams to either work from home, or to completely practice safe social distancing whilst at work.

Therefore, whilst we remain committed to maintaining essential and key business operations, in light of the foregoing and the Governmental advice provided thus far, all staff who can securely work from home have been enabled to do so for the specified 3 week period. At the same time, production numbers have been scaled down, and alternative shift patterns implemented, in order to enable appropriate social distancing in the work place. This has enabled the retention of those staff that are essential to maintaining operation of key defence assets and programmes.

If our staff are working at your premises we would be grateful if you would assist in allowing people to maintain as much distance from one another as possible and please inform our staff of any specific action required of them in respect of your coronavirus precautions within your premises.

Please be aware that this situation continues to be monitored daily by our Board of Directors who are also taking cognisance of the daily guidance being provided by our Government in this matter.

We hope that you will both understand, and support, the need for the above actions, and that during this 3 week period, the situation continues to evolve. We will therefore continue to provide further updates as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Please note for information purposes that where we are able to determine a direct impact, and the details of such, on a specific order or programme each customer will be contacted separately in the matter.

Thank you for your continuing understanding and patience in this matter.


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