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Customer Statement

We wish to provide a further update on MacTaggart Scott’s current position in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As previously advised, whilst there are differing approaches being applied with respect to the easing of lockdown restrictions within the different countries of the UK, the approach for our company, at this time, remains largely the same as previously advised, with the latest status as outlined below:

    - Current activities are focused on putting safe distancing measures in place throughout the plant and facilitating the safe return of staff currently working from home;
    - We have been working diligently to facilitate a phased return to more normal levels of working;
    - A comprehensive risk management plan has now been formulated and with effect from 1st June, we have initiated the first part of this plan;
    - Whilst we continue to have key staff on site throughout the current pandemic, albeit it at reduced capacity, by taking appropriate measures we expect to see a sizeable proportion of further staff, who are currently working from home, physically return to the workplace within this month.

MacTaggart Scott recognises that it is a key supplier to both UK and Overseas defence partners, and as such, we are committed to maintaining our operations as best we can in these troubling times, with the continuation of appropriate safe distancing measures and remote working as appropriate whilst our phased return to work plan is rolled out in full.

Please be assured that we remain committed to maintaining essential and key business operations. All of our staff who can securely work from home remain enabled to do so. Our Production staff numbers are still scaled down with alternative shift patterns continuing in order to continue production activity whilst enable appropriate social distancing in the work place.

Please be aware that the entire COVID-19 situation continues to be monitored daily by our Board who are also taking cognisance of the daily guidance being provided by our Governments in this matter.

We hope that you will continue to both understand and support the need for the above actions, and recognise that during this continued lockdown period, the situation may evolve further. We will therefore continue to provide further updates as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Please note for information purposes that where we are able to identify a direct impact of these alternative working measures, on a specific order or programme, we will seek to contact each customer separately in this matter.

We would also like to take this opportunity to advise that our business will, due to the current situation, have a necessary shutdown period for 1 full working week from close of business on Friday 3rd July, re-opening on Monday 13th July respectively. This allows our staff to catch-up on holiday entitlement whilst not jeopardising allocations in the remainder of the year and for the business to better manage our production capacity at this time.

Thank you for your continuing understanding and patience in this matter.


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