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HYPED Success

MacTaggart Scott supports Poddy II

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Hyperloop is Elon Musk’s concept for the future of mass transportation. The concept would see electrically propelled pods travel autonomously through a near-vacuum tube. The pods will be able to reach speeds comparable to aircraft, and could see a journey such as Edinburgh to London shortened to 50 minutes.

HYPED is a student society at the University of Edinburgh dedicated to accelerating the development of Hyperloop and implementing the technology in the UK. HYPED is advancing both technical and commercial development of Hyperloop, having seen success in three international competitions. The team is a SpaceX finalist and winner of Virgin Hyperloop One.

The HYPED team has transported its prototype for a new type of high-speed transport to California. The vehicle for the proposed hyperloop system will be the only UK representative in an international competition run by Elon Musk's SpaceX corporation. SpaceX has constructed a hyperloop test track in California. The HYPED vehicle "Poddy II" will race against prototypes from around the world. Several companies are competing to take the concept to the mass market. 

The hyperloop concept involves magnetically levitating pods carrying passengers at hundreds of miles an hour. There are no windows because the pods travel down a steel tube in a near vacuum.

MacTaggart Scott is one of the supporters of HYPED.


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