SATS Complete Package

MacTaggart Scott launches SATS at DESI 2017

Electric drive helicopter traversing system

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The Shipboard Aircraft Traversing System (SATS) is the latest state-of-the-art system designed by MacTaggart Scott to handle helicopters in the dynamic environment of a ship’s flight deck in high sea states.

The flight deck of a naval ship experiences movement in six different directions and, more significantly, is subjected to large vertical heave and lateral accelerations. The challenge of ranging the on-board helicopter from the hangar to the flight deck for operational duty cannot be underestimated. It may be mission-critical to perform this traverse. The crew relies on the helicopter traversing system to safely conduct this task.

 The Shipboard Aircraft Traversing system (SATS) is the electrically powered version of the globally respected MacTaggart Scott TRIGON Helicopter Handling System. It uses three widely separated flexible stainless steel ropes on electric winches attached to the landing gear, creating a very secure 3-point star attachment with the aircraft.

By continuously monitoring and adjusting the speed of the winch motors providing haul and tensioning and with a very high speed of response,  the system assures a high level of protection to the  airframe and safety of personnel during the traversing evolution. On Type 26, SATS will handle Merlin and Wildcat helicopters in potentially very high sea states.

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