aircraft launch off HMS Splendid

MacTaggart Scott USA

Marine engineering solutions for the US Navy and US Coast Guard

Based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, MacTaggart Scott USA was established in 2013 in order to provide timely customer service to the current client base and to position the Company for expansion in the United States.

MacTaggart Scott USA remains dedicated to extending the global reputation to the US through projects that may include expansion of a US supply chain, local repair capability as well as research and development activities. The focus in the US remains on specialized hydraulic components and related systems such as towed array handling, specialized motors, hydroplane actuation, mast raising equipment, aircraft traversing, etc.

Through leverage of MacTaggart Scott’s decades of expertise supporting the US Navy, US Coast Guard and navies around the world, MacTaggart Scott USA is uniquely positioned to provide marine engineering solutions and support system/component delivery for ongoing and future submarine/surface ship programs.