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Hydroplane actuation

Retractable bowplanes, rudder & hydroplane actuation systems

Ensuring your submarine control surfaces operate

Aft Hydroplane Actuator Systems & Rudder Actuator Systems

Successful rudder actuator systems have been supplied for UK, Australian and South Korean naval submarines.

Retractable Bowplane Systems

Retractable Bowplane control surfaces result in both reduced drag and hydrodynamic noise increasing submarine stealth and performance.

MacTaggart Scott has designed and supplied complete drive systems for the UK, USA and South Korean naval submarines. Systems include actuator cylinders, crossheads, drive shafts and guide rails. Splined shafts and torque tubes are machined with high precision internal and external splines.

High quality assured materials including super duplex stainless steels (Feralium 255) and Hiduron 191 are sourced and finished by our specialist machining and inspection facilities. Gauging of 18" PCD splines with fits of 0 - 0.0024" are achieved together with critical spline pitching checks and load-bearing contacts.